for the best design project
from 01.12.22 to 28.02.23

The main prize is 50,000 rubles
It is all about clean lines, crystal harmony and bright space
The Italian brand Salini endorse the philosophy of minimalism. It is comfortable to live in such an interior where it is easy to breathe, since a small number of objects do not clutter up the space. In its collections, the company has taken care of human comfort, ease of handling and versatility, combined with the latest and modern technologies.
The main distinguishing feature of the style is its ability to transform, adapt to the instant moment of your life, simply and clearly expressing the attitude to life here and now.
3D visualizations or ready-made projects with the obligatory use of Salini products are accepted for participation.
Works should reflect the concept of minimalism in interior design
It is important to show a conscious approach not only to interior design, but also to the lifestyle in general: freedom and moderation, an abundance of air and light, simple and concise forms, technological innovations, etc.
Where can I get 3D models of products?
Please, visit our site
Choose any product depends on your taste / main project idea
In the technical documentation you will find a 3D model of the product. If you did not find the 3D model on the site, please contact
Deadlines and prizes
Application deadline
Entries submitted before November 30, 2022 are accepted for the competition. The place and time of the announcement of the winners will be posted later.
The main prize is 50,000 rubles. + 50% discount on check from RRP.
Second and third places - 40% discount on the purchase receipt.
No one will be left without gifts! The Salini brand will give all participants 30% on the purchase receipt.
Competition jury
  • architect-designer
  • successfully completed a degree in architecture in Florence in 1994. In 1999, he was appointed as an adjunct professor at the University of Florence for a course in design, imaging and tissue diagnostics.
  • Architectural and object designer
  • Lecturer at the International School of Design
  • Winner of international design competitions
  • Member of the TOP 100 list magazine Architectural Digest
  • ELLE Decoration Designer of the Year 2021
Maurizio Manzoni
Mike Shilov
Secret Member
Conditions of the competition
Registration and subscription
The contestant must submit an application for registration and be subscribed to our social networks.
The participant of the contest guarantees his COPYRIGHT on projects submitted for the competition and bears the full responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in in case of violation of the rights of third parties.
The organizer of the competition has the right to check the authorship the winning work, the participant undertakes to provide necessary information.
Any entry submitted to the competition will be mandatory moderation. Application can be rejected, and the work was withdrawn from the competition without explanation.
Those wishing to take part in the competition must send an application. After that, the Salini manager
will contact you via Telegram messenger.
Ready design project (FROM 3 TO 20 3D VISUALIZATIONS)
sent by a link to the cloud in a dialogue with a brand representative.
Copyright Guarantee
Authorship verification
Digital images are accepted in JPG format
At least 1200 pixels wide (regardless of whether the frame is vertical or horizontal).
For completed projects, only professional photography is accepted.
Technical requirements
Completed projects

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